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T-Mobile Executive Customer Relations

t mobile T Mobile Executive Customer Relations

I've been having a lot of trouble with my less than one month old T-Mobile account. I'm kind of angry at them, so I thought I'd post all the executive customer relations numbers (customer service but better) I've been able to find. I've already been talking with Mark and he's been somewhat helpful, but I think I'm going to have to try some new numbers. I'll update this post later after I've found more names. As far as I can tell every extension in the 341-8000's is valid, but I'm still working on finding more. Hope this helps you if you are having trouble with your T-Mobile account!

T-Mobile Executive Branch Numbers
(don't blame me if I mess up when spelling their names)

To reach any of these numbers, first dial 1-877-290-6323
341-8000 to 341-8009 are not valid numbers.

341-8010 - Salaman Toya - ECRC
341-8011 - Jennifer - ECRC
341-8012 - Anthony - ECRC
341-8013 - Angela Becket - ECRC
341-8014 - Barbara - ECRC
341-8015 - Mark J. McCrain - ECRC
341-8016 - Elisabeth - ECRC
341-8025 - J. Vandelay - ECRC
341-8082 - Kelly Spindle - ECRC
341-8083 - Jennifer Bachus - ECRC

ECRC = Executive Customer Relations Coordinator

EDIT (12/8/2011): Zuyq Def has some excellent information down in the comments, check that out if you want more numbers and information.

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  1. Help! Was your T mobile issue resolved? I’m looking for fax number, email address or phone to send a letter I have written about an ($400) overcharge from tmobile. I’ve dealt with a supervisor from customer relations to no avail. Thank you!

  2. Yes, mine was… but not by trying to contact them directly. If you think you’ve done everything you can possibly do given normal channels and you haven’t received an appropriate response that resolved your issue then the next step is to take your issue to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Start with the BBB, it’s fast and will probably get your issue resolved, and then go to the FCC if that didn’t work for you.

    To file a complaint at the BBB go to

    To file a complaint at the FCC go to

    Once you’ve done that all you have to do is sit back and wait. T-Mobile will have an executive customer relations coordinator contact you to resolve the issue as fast as possible. At this point you’re in a position of power because as long as your complaint is legitimate, T-Mobile has no power to remove the complaint from their record unless they fix the problem. Hopefully that helps!

  3. I called the number of angela becket , she was a non nonsense person who actually helped me .. numbers are valid. 7/26/10

  4. I have been in contact with angela beckett for the past few weeks, about my current problem that started months ago. Quick rundown of my problem. My phone doesnt receive calls. Sometimes it gets text messages, but only if i dont have an email notification. if i do have an email notification, i dont get text messages. the same (as in i dont get them) goes for voicemail notifications.

    I dont waste my time with normal customer service, they are, for the most part worthless. I write emails to anyone and everyone I can, you get a better response if you go straight to the higher-ups. I was first contacted in July by Angela about my problem. She pretty much told me that t-mobile wouldnt help me and i was out of luck. i then sent another email, because my problems are just getting worse. She contacted me again last week and told me they were willing to exchange my phone as a one time courtesy. I was thrilled and though something was actually going to be done. I called her back and she told me to pick out a phone, which i did. She then told me that the phone i picked out would cost me $199. So i oicked out a different phone and she told me it would cost $150 with a $50 rebate. I was almost going to give her my credit card information when she informed me that I would have to renew my 2 year contract with tmobile to get the new phone. I then went to the site while she was on the phone to check out exactly what i was getting. the phones I had picked out were cheaper for me to get online with a two year contract.

    They are one of the most backwards companies I have ever had the misfortunes of dealing with. I have been a customer for 10 years and their service is going downhill fast. I can understand that they get complaints and a lot of them are minor, but this is a major one. my phone doesnt work anymore. As a side note, my wife has the same phone and she has the same problems, minus the email problem (she doesnt have a data plan).

    I can not wait until my contract is up with them. I will never deal with them again. im sure i will get the same crappy service with whomever i sign with next, but at least it will be new crap with different people, lol.

    i am currently looking for a way out of this contract, hoping they up my rates or something.

    I am wondering since they have admitted there is a problem and not supplied a remotely satisfactory resolution, if there may be a way out of the contract.

    someday, these companies will actually listen to their customers………i hope.

  5. The Sony Ericsson Equinox is a lemon, and T-Mobile sent me 5 before they sent me something else. Then once they got me in to another phone they knew I could not use that as a way to get out of my contract. Thats when they told me they were having problems with that phone! In other words they would not tell me that the phone had problems until they got me into another phone. I have been through hell with this company for the last month and am now still having problems. My dad is in the hospitals ICU and I cant get phone calls on my new phone (LG Sentio). It is sporadic and my family and friends tell me that after 3 rings it goes to a voicemail that I cant even retrieve. T-Mobile sucks. I sent 2 emails to the executive response dept. and it did no good! I filed a complaint with the BBB to see what happens next! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. What is the area code to these phone #’s

  7. I did reach someone at 1-425-378-4000 that was able to assist me with my issue with T-Mobie

  8. daronda davis :

    What is the area code to these phone #’s

    I think you misinterpreted how it works. First you call 1-877-290-6323, then dial one of the numbers for a specific person once you’ve reached their directory.

  9. I emailed everyone I could find, and filed 4 complaints yesterday.
    Did you know that according to the BBB T-Mobile averages 22-24 complaints PER DAY. That means every day of every week of every month 22-24 people are p*ssed off enough at T-Mobile to take time out of their day to file a formal complaint with the BBB.

    Check this out…
    Good info!

    Glenn A. Zaccara
    Sr. Manager, External Affairs
    [email protected]

    Michael Butler
    Chief Marketing Officer
    [email protected]

    Bryan L. Barkoff
    T-Mobile Wireless
    Regional Retail Manager
    Detroit North
    Office # 248.465.1756
    Fax # 813.353.6711

    Kelly Spindle
    Executive Customer Relations Coordinator
    T-Mobile USA
    877-290-6323 Ex. 8082

    Avelar, Mercedes
    [email protected]

    Clelland, John
    [email protected]

    Carney, John
    [email protected]

    Otley, Casey
    [email protected]

    Brodman, Cole
    [email protected]

    Corporate Responsibility Department
    [email protected]

    Deutsche Telekom AG (owns T-mobile)
    Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140
    53113 Bonn, Germany
    Fax: +49-228-181-8872

    Investor Relations E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

    Other e-mails:

    [email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]

    T-Mobile International (T-Mobile’s parent company)
    Landgrabenweg 151
    53227 Bonn, Germany
    Fax: +49-228-936-31719

    File a complaint against T-Mobile with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office

    When you file this complaint, use this address for T-Mobile on the form:
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.
    12920 S.E. 38th St.
    Bellevue, WA 98006

    File a complaint with the New Mexico Attorney General’s office

    When you file this complaint, use this address for T-Mobile on the form:
    Customer Relations
    PO Box 37380
    Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

    File a complaint with your own state’s Attorney General’s office.

    File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

    File a complaint with the FCC

  10. …I’m sorry…should have given credit to the person/people where I found the above info…

  11. I sent a T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant phone to the T-Mobile replacement center in fort Worth, TX over a month ago. No one can find it. The Customer Support outsourced help is worthless. Try doing without your cell phone for what’s going on 5 weeks now. I’m giving this situation until Monday for a concrete response and explanation, otherwise, I plan to file a claim here in the Las Vegas Justice Court for the cost of a new phone, serving fees, letter of intent and court costs. That should get some response. In my opinion, T-Mobile has the worst customer support of any company my business has ever dealt with… Period…

  12. for those who have t-mobil phones we all got fuc*ed angela beckett origionaly said they would help me and just break the contract clean if I sent them my phones , well I did and guess what days later I have some dumbass at t-mobil calling my office asking why I sent them my phones I told them what was going on they said ok.. IT never ends those the debited my personal bank account for 500.00 bucks saying that I never sent the phones back…… OMG.

  13. T-mobile has a racket where they tell you to mail the defective phones then they charge you a $350 restocking fee even though they collect the phones and refurbish them. They are the biggest rip-offs.

  14. I’ve been through 5 G’s since 4/5/11, after only purchasing it as of 2/9/11. Each of the 4 phones I received as a warranty replacement had the same defect: No audible ringtone, even though all other media and tones worked. the 5th phone I received today has loose hinges and it slides open unless it’s set on it’s back, literally. My 6th phone is now on it’s way.

    I contacted ECR, and spoke with Jason Moten. Jason indicated that he was going to flag my account so that I can only do exchanges at a sales office because I’ve had to do so many exchanges in the last 2 weeks. Essentially, he is saying that I am lying about the troubleshooting I’m following to determine if the exchange was required. I don’t even want any other model. I want the same G2, but one that is FUNCTIONAL. Why am I being penalized for T-Mobile repeatedly sending out defective replacements for my already defective phone? I had to corner this gentleman on the phone to get him to admit that the reason he was flagging my account was due to the fact that he thought I was fabricating the malfunctions and not following troubleshooting. He also told me that I have the option of purchasing a new handset. I just purchased the G2 brand new less than 3 months ago.

    I’m at my wit’s end. I’m ready to cancel regardless of my 3 $200 termination fees.

    Any ideas??

  15. I have been having the most difficult time with T-Mobile the keep wanting to charge me a restock charge on a phone that was returned on time. I was told by a Janice who is the manager for sit 138 that their is nothing she can do because i was already told that the phone was sent to me on 1/6/2011 and I returned the phone on 2/26/2011 that means that its over 60 days if I’m not mistaken this isn’t 60 days but they keep turning of my service. this is unbelievable.

  16. I agree with Ralph. I am a new customer too and I am very unhappy with the phone I just got from one of T-Mobile’s sites. All I want to do is swap my current phone for another. I did not ask to have my service cancelled and I am even willing to pay the difference for the next phone, so why the high restocking fee. I have already e-mailed customer service and now waiting to see if they are willing to work with me on that restocking fee or if they are willing loose me back to Verizon.

  17. Thanks everyone for all of the contact information you have posted!

    I am having a TERRIBLE time with T-Mobile at the moment. Last year I purchased a phone and was told it would require a one year contract extension. Fine. In the past year that phone has gotten worse and worse – I can barely get two signal bars and I live in a metropolitan area. I also have a second line for a family member who lives in a rural area and she can NEVER get service on her phone. Whatever – she has a landline so we decided to wait it out until my contract was over in June this year and then switch to Verizon who has much better covereage in our region than T-Mobile.

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for a long time…easily 6 or 7 years. Only in the past couple of years have I started to have major problems with the custome service. I’ve had them yell at me when I call to dispute items on my bill, threaten to hang up on me, call me a liar….not exactly the greatest customer service if you ask me.

    So today I called to be certain that they didn’t screw anything up because I have had a TON of billing and contract problems with them in the past. Thankfully I called because apparently the sales rep who sold me the phone last year with a one year contract extension actually extended the contract two years and straight up lied ot me about it. I didn’t know this until today, but last year two days after I purchased the new phone I also called to have them apply a corporate discount to my account and was told it would extend my contract end date by two days and it would end in 2011. That person ALSO lied to me.

    I was willing to pay the $200 termination fee because I am so fed up with their b.s., however since I have two lines it would cost me $400! It was their mistake and I am trying to meet them halfway on this but the CSR I spoke to this morning basically called me a liar and threatened to hang up on me multiple times and refused to transfer me to a supervisor when I asked her (which I asked MANY times).

    I should also note that when I bought the phone last year, the sales rep told me it would cost $80 with a one year contract extension, and he would include a free case for the phone. I found out today that the phone was actually $49.99, he charged me $12.99 for a case I wouldn’t have bought if I wasn’t told it was free, and an $18 upgrade fee (no idea what that even is). I also specifically asked for no insurance, but oh, what showed up on my bill the next month? An insurance fee. So i called to have that removed and the CSR that time lied to me and told me she couldn’t take care of the problem over the phone and that I would have to go into a T-Mobile store. I told her I needed her to and after she insisted multiple times that she couldn’t, she finally did. When did lying become part of a customer service model? I also had to call the next month because the same fee hit again and that time the CSR took care of it without lying and saying she couldn’t take care of it over the phone.

    I’ve already printed and signed multiple copies of the dispute letter that I am sending to Customer Relations, but am also sending to Investor Relations in NY and Germany and will also be using the names and contract info that some of you have listed above.

    I cannot WAIT to not have to deal with this awful excuse for customer service! Good luck to all of you.

  18. Hi everyone:
    I have been having horrible customer service experience with T-Mobile and found the emails that are listed above and sent my letter to all of them. I had gotten a smart phone and for 5 days the 4G service wouldn’t work and I dealt with the WORST customer service of my entire life at their stores and again through calling about 10 different times. It started working on its own after 5 days and spending hours of my own time on the issue. I drafted a letter asking for at least two months of credit on my bill (hey, wanted to start high in hopes I’d get one month).

    Pancho calls me two hours or so after my mass email, we get in contact today. He says that they are “respectfully declining” my request and are offering $20 credit to my bill. I asked him multiple times to give me at least one month’s credit, he said no, wouldn’t give me a reason. I asked to speak to a manager, was flat out refused! I said that this was the worst customer service I’d ever dealt with and even VERIZON gave me money back after dealing with issues with them. He just kept saying no.

    I then said, fine, I would report them to BBB and he said, that’s fine, he’s the one I’d have to deal with with that complaint and I’d get the same response!!! I filed one with them anyways and am hoping to get some sort of response. I’m also going to try to send my letter to their corporate headquarters in hopes I’ll get some sort of answer.

    But really, T-Mobile is the WORST company I have EVER dealt with! I couldn’t believe the response I got. If I hadn’t signed their stupid contract, I would leave right away.

  19. Oops meant to mention that “Pancho” is calling from the Executive Office and is a direct rep of them.

  20. Tmobile has been hitting me up for cramming for 7 months, i finally escalated to PUC/California, which generated a call from
    angela beckett
    877-290-6323 x3418013
    executive cust relation off of president.
    She proceeded to practically scream in my ear for 10 mins without acknowledging any wrongdoing or offering any credits to my account. Avoid her at all costs. Go right to the president.

  21. Wow, just having issues with tmobiles customer support. 60 min to reach an operator!

  22. T mobile just pulled a doosie…I bought a pre paid plan which provided for data services at 1.49 per day (as I was not a heavy user) I paid for a year of servicve…as of October 16, 2011 the have discontinued the data services on the pre paid plan…this seems not right…now I either upgrade or toss my money…will file with BBB…and keep posting

  23. I have been with T-Mobile for over 11years. I tried to upgrade with 2mg of internet. I told them I really didn’t need the internet except maybe for an emergency.4
    Phone 1 – went back to the store, it was a 3g and sometime it answer and sometime it did.
    phones 2 – 4g keep turning the internet on. They final took the over charges of and sent me the next.
    Phone 3 – yes a nightmare is mild, sometime it rang, sometime you can answer sometime not, and you can call voice mail sometime but not most of the time. It only showed that one person called and that I only called one person (what a trip when VM isn’t working,
    Phone 4 – They sent me a phone and I couldn’t read the letters and numbers on it – I sent it back.
    They do not respond to my letters and said they will not do anything about it.
    I am using my old strip…have no internet and am stuck paying for it.
    I am about finished with them.

  24. Wow, you guys must be reallypissing people off at T-Mobile. I have been having problems with my cliq2 for about a month now. Customer service has always been helpful to me but, all they want to do is keep sending me refurbished phones that don’t work. I called Angelia Beckett and she was wonderful to speak with. She offered to renew my 2 year contract and offer me a new phone.. kudos to T-Mobile!!

  25. I’m a new customer with T-Mobile and very disappointed. I had payment set up via billpay through my checking account where they send the payment directly from my account. Turns out they sent a paper check Oct 24 and it cleared November 1, but not applied to my phone account. Phone turned off since they say they didn’t received payment so I had to pay via their website. It’s time again to pay and I still have no idea where that money went. Nobody knows. Then they told me that no contract accounts can’t pay by check, but nowhere on the website does it say that. In fact, it lists all the ways that we can pay and paper check is one of them. Customer service is a joke and I’m about ready to poke my eyes out with a hot knife for all the transferring and b.s. I’m getting. Just discovered the ERC numbers above and left a couple messages. It’s after 5p on Monday Thanksgiving week, so let’s see if I hear from anyone this week. Meanwhile, payment due on the 27th.

  26. I have been with T Mobile for 7 years and I am also having an issue with a check being applied to my account. I mail my checks in too as well, since one of the lines is on a business account and it has to be paid out of that checking account, so I send two checks in, (one for the business line, one for the other two lines I have). One was applied, one was not (the business account check). I have faxed to them copies of the cancelled check showing they cashed it and have heard nothing. It is a rather large check too. I’m at my wits end, as I don’t know what to do. Their customer service department does not comprehend or speak the English language very well; not sure when this happened, but their customer service department seems to have been transitioned overseas. You can pay by check if you have a contract, and their billing addresses are listed on the website, depending on what part of the country you live in. My next step is to file a complaint with the FCC, BBB and the Attorney General.

  27. Here is a way that makes the process of contacting ECRC go a little faster:
    1. Call 1-877 290 6323
    2. Select an extension to call. If you are starting from the lowest that would be 341 8010
    3. If you talk to someone, yeah! But if not leave a message.
    4. Don’t hang up, press # # (pound twice). That will record your message
    5. Press *T to transfer to the next number.
    6. Repeat starting at step 3

    Their voicemail system is Audix, so if you’re familiar with that you’ll know the short cuts it supports.

    Some more contacts
    Jason 3418035
    Cindy 3418036
    Victoria 3418037
    Timothy 3418038
    Pancho 3418039 (read that he actually helped someone on the consumerist)
    I think some the people here down are not executive cust care, but regular cust care
    Jesse 3418040
    Jason 3418041
    Paul 3418042
    Cory 3418043
    Melissa 3418044
    no name 3418045
    no name 3418046
    Gerry anna 3418047 ECRC
    Veet? 3418048
    Jason 3418049 (Lot of Jasons!)
    Gwyn Powers 3418050

  28. Thank you for the updated information!

  29. More extensions (some of these are updates of the blog and some are duplications and some are new):
    8010 Salamon Toya
    8012 Anthony
    8013 Angela Beckett
    8014 Barbara
    8016 no name
    8017 Chris
    8018 Joel
    8019 Justin Chrisman
    8020 Maria
    8021 Maryann
    8022 Ralph
    8023 Renetta
    8024 Opie
    8025 J Vandelay (this sounds like the guy in a Seinfield episode – may be a decoy))
    8026 Jessica Sanchez (voicemail says she took new position)
    8027 Art Lucero (manager!)
    8028 Jessica
    8029 Brian
    8030 Amanda
    8031 Hermando
    8033 Andrea Bakka (paralegal – note another employee has last name – maybe sisters)
    8034 Allie Young
    8081 Mona
    8082 Joshua (no longer Kelly Swipe)
    8083 Jennifer Bakka (ECRC coordinator)
    8084 Jessica
    8085 Mason
    8086 Claire
    8090 Shawn
    8091 No name
    8092 ?
    there seem to be several non-working number in the range 8092-8099, but I didn’t explore the whole range

    And through another process (I’ll explain in another post) I found a range of extensions
    from 3417950-3417999
    I only tried a few extension in this range:
    7950 Devlan (customer loyalty)
    7966 Jamie Montoyadivas (spelling?)
    7967 ?
    7970 ?
    7980 ?
    7990 ?
    7998 ?
    7999 Cat? Kellogg ECRC

    Also there are extensions like 8883706, 8883625, 8883716, 8883602 (albuquerque call center)

  30. Another process for getting to extensions:
    1. Call 1-877 290 6323
    2. Select an extension to call. If you are starting from the lowest that would be 341 8010
    3. If you talk to someone, yeah! But if not leave a message.
    4. Don’t hang up, press # # (pound twice). That will record your message
    5. Press *T to transfer to the next number.
    6. Press *A. That will let you look up numbers by name or partial name.
    7. So for instance you can type 225# (after the *A) and it will give you a choice of a couple of people with matching names to call. (You can’t necessarily tell what last name 225 spells out, but that doesn’t really matter, because you can just select whoever it matches.)

    I tried all the names that start with 2 (A, B, or C) and didn’t find any that rang through to someone that answered. If enough other people want to start with 3, we could go through the whole alphabet and see if anyone can be reached. So the process, starting with 3 would be:
    1. Steps 1-6 earlier in this post
    2. Press 3#. Audix will either
    a) transfer you to the extension if only one employee has a name that starts with D, E, or F
    b) Give you a list of matching employees if it is just a few (3 or less, I think)
    c) Tell you that there are no matches
    c) Ask you to enter more letters. In this case try 2# (which adds 2 to the 3 you already typed, giving 32).
    – From there you will get one of the same three responses a), b), c) or d).
    – If you need to add another letter, add 2 (for a total of 322).
    – Pretty soon you will either get response a), b) or c)
    3) If you get c), then try the next number in the sequence. For example you tried 322#, and you got c), then try 323#.
    4) If you get a) or b) then go to the number a) or one of the numbers b) and leave a message. Then press ## to save the message and then *T*A to get back to the lookup by name menu.
    5) From there try the next number in the sequence.

    For the 2s I had to go through maybe 15-20 tries to cover all the combinations (I didn’t have to try every combination from 22 to 99, because there were some that didn’t have employee name matches and there were some combinations that started with 2 that only took two digits.)

    Yes, it is complicated, but if you play around with it for a while, I think you’ll get the hang of it.

  31. Oops. Several typos in the previous post.

    My list of a) b) c) c) should have been a) b) c) d).

    Where I said “want to start with 3″ I meant to say “want to start with 3 or above”.

    “same three responses a), b), c) or d)” should have said “same four responses…”

    Sorry for the typos.

    Also as long as I’ve started (yet) another post, here is another topic. I’m wondering if some Tmobile employees have two extensions. (I called dozens of extensions and not a single one was answered.) One extension would be the kind listed in this blog and never rings through. Another extension would be one that does ring through, so that if one Tmobile employee wants to contact another one, they have a way to do so.

    If this theory happened to be true it would really be good to find a “ring through” extension, because from there we could probably find a bunch more. If anyone has any ideas on this, please post!

  32. You’re nicer than I am. I wouldn’t deal with T-Mobile again for anything unless they paid me. Their automated customer service is the worst. Sometimes it recognizes the number you give, other times not. I was given a Spanish speaking connection on one occasion and disconnected in the middle of trying to resolve problems twice….and all of this in a period of two hours.

    I never did get any resolution to my problem which was to get a quick replacement for my phone that either fell out of the case or was stolen (I assume because I wasn’t willing to get suckered in for another two years). And because I was not willing to renew a two year contract at this time and asked for the cheapest phone that would do what my old phone did until I decided on what I would ultimately like, I was sold one of ‘their’ cheap flip top phones (free, if I renewed) at an exorbitant price and it didn’t even do what my old one did which was also an older flip top phone.

    So much for valuing long term clients or customer service. Their attitude is ‘take it or leave it’. Well I say ‘good riddance’. T-Mobile is the WORST!!!!

  33. just finished dealing with Executive customer service, my rep is listed at one of the extensions above. She was very helpful and managed to exchange me for the same phone I already have rather than what regular T-Mobile customer support offered us. Whether that will help us or not remains to be seen.

    I started off by first writing [email protected] then got a phone call from the rep who was assigned to me.

    I do think that due to their phone numbers floating on the net and a lot of people with frivolous issues, you might have a hard time getting your phone call answered when you call if you don’t already have a rep assigned looking into your issue. My rep never answered her phone when I called all I got was a voice mail

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