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Launchpad Advanced Mapping for Traktor 2 (.tsi w/ instructions)

Since I originally made my Launchpad mapping, I've done some work on it. I'd like to make that work available, but it comes with a warning... it is MUCH more complicated. If you are a beginner, or don't need advanced functionality like cue type hotswapping.. just stick with the original one.

I'll document it in basically the same way, but there will be some tricky parts. Just experiment and you'll figure it out.

Note: This is meant for Traktor 2!


Right click here and "Save Link As"!


The Layout

Launchpad Layout 21 Launchpad Advanced Mapping for Traktor 2 (.tsi w/ instructions)

So above you can see the general idea, four decks divided into squares. Deck A is not labeled, but it's where the numbers are.

How it works

Global keys:
A: Full screen toggle
B: Full screen browser (for picking new songs)
C: Global SHIFT key - holding this down will also press D
D: Effect toggle key - switch filter buttons (14, 15) to toggle 3/4 instead of 1/2

Deck controls: (if there is a hyphen it means this is what happens when you hold down SHIFT)

  1. Set/Jump to cue point 1 - Delete cue point 1
  2. Set/Jump to cue point 2 - Delete cue point 2
  3. Set/Jump to cue point 3 - Delete cue point 3
  4. Set/Jump to cue point 4 - Delete cue point 4
  5. Set/Jump to cue point 5 - Delete cue point 5
  6. Set/Jump to cue point 6 - Delete cue point 6
  7. Set/Jump to cue point 7 - Delete cue point 7
  8. Set/Jump to cue point 8 - Delete cue point 8
  9. Set and activate loop - Activate loop (good for loop cue points)
  10. Decrease loop size - Skip back by loop size
  11. Increase loop size - Skip forward by loop size
  12. Sync - Master track selection
  13. Play - Reset to beginning of song
  14. Effect 1 ON - Effect 3 ON
  15. Effect 2 ON - Effect 4 ON
  16. Monitor cue toggle
Advanced functionality: (applies to the green labeled buttons on the far right)
"vol" - "snd B" when pushed activate cue hotswap mode.
When NOT  in cue hotswap mode:
  • "vol" - select deck A for cue hotswap
  • "pan" - select deck B for cue hotswap
  • "snd A" - select deck C for cue hotswap
  • "snd B" - select deck D for cue hotswap
  • "trk on" - set any tracks that don't have active loops to loop size 16
  • "stop" - do the same as "trk on" but with loop size 32
When in cue hotswap mode:
  • "vol" - Change cue type of active deck to type "CUE"
  • "pan" - Change cue type of active deck to type "LOAD"
  • "snd A" - Change cue type of active deck to type "LOOP"
  • "snd B" - Change cue type of active deck to type "GRID"
  • "trk on" - Change cue type of active deck to type "FADE-IN"
  • "stop" - Change cue type of active deck to type "FADE-OUT"
Other features:
  • When the buttons on the right are not active, they will show a master out level
  • The play buttons blink when the track is active at that decks tempo
If you're confused.. feel free to ask me what's up here!
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  1. Hey Thanks Man ! I search a layout like yours since long time! It’s really good job ! Continue! it’s nice

  2. You are the best!

  3. Seems great dude, I m gonna try this out tonight, in combination with ableton goodies!! Thanks!!

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